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custom braid kits

The possibilities are endless when you can Get Braidified just about anywhere. Our kits include everything needed to achieve your desired festival look. We'll work with you to create and ship your custom kit which can include braiding hair, charms, cords, yarn & more. Need a local braider? We'll help you find one. Looking to order hair only? We've got you covered too.

get started on your kit below

Basic 2 braid kits start at $55 and up

Basic 4 braid kits start at $75 and up 

If you've already contacted us regarding a braid kit for this event there is no need to fill out the form unless we've requested you to do so.

Please allow at least 3 weeks for regular processing and shipping of your customized kit. For quicker processing and expedited shipping, additional charges will apply. 

If you have received a message saying “thank you for submitting“, please do not submit the form more than once

Complete the form below to tell us about the custom braid kit you're dreaming of. Then we'll be in touch to make sure we build the perfect braid kit for you to Get Braidified. ​

do you need us to recommend a braider?

Please allow ample time for us to locate one in your area. Once we've located a braider all appointment scheduling will be handled directly between you and that braider. Get Braidified has no control over, and can not guarantee, any other braider's availability in any way. 

Which location do you need a braider?

do you want a light kit?
We are excited to offer lunautics products in our kits... are you interested in including their glitter or gems to your kit?
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